Leadership Skills They Didn't Teach You

Over the past two months I’ve asked dozens of leaders in a variety of fields about their biggest challenges and about the professional development they long for but can’t find elsewhere. What they said is probably not surprising:

58% mentioned overwhelm and burnout

40% stuggled with work-life balance

58% wanted support with interpersonal conflict and confidently having difficult conversations in the workplace

37% sought help with workload and time management

48% found it hard to find the joy, meaning, and passion that brought them to this work in the first place

Some leadership skills aren’t typically taught -- they’re learned in the trenches. Things like how to manage an overwhelming workload, create healthy balance, build stress resilience, sustain productivity, and grow skills in conflict resolution. But figuring out these survival skills on your own can be exhausting and frustrating.

You don't have to. Instead of stumbling your way through, join Leadership Boot Camp. This online course will equip you with a curated set of research-backed, best of the best strategies to gain the leadership skills you need right now.

What's Boot Camp About?


  • Self management - Managing your stress, energy, todo list, and calendar to avoid overwhelm and burnout.
  • Changing patterns - Streamlining your workflow, delegating, and setting boundaries to do more of what you’re meant to do and less of everything else.
  • Seeing yourself and others - Reconnect with your purpose and values to really see your worth and value. Then pause to appreciate the worth and value of others on your team, and witness the impact that makes to trust, safety and belonging.
  • Getting out of your way - Learn how to quiet your inner monsters, get unstuck, and navigate uncertainty and risk.
  • Leadership embodied - Tapping into the mind-body connection to overcome fear of failure and resentment, grow your emotional intelligence, find your voice, and build self-confidence.
  • Mastering the hard stuff - difficult conversations, big challenges, and moving your dreams forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the course work?

The course will be offered via short 20 minute videos delivered to your inbox every Monday from January 10 to June 20, 2022. The first two months with Leadership Survival Skills are completely FREE! Enrollment in Advanced Training for Leader's Mind, Body and Soul costs $200. Each month, the first three videos offer new content. The last week of the month is for integration and practice. During integration weeks, the video will review main ideas, answer questions from fellow students, and offer tips and suggestions.

What other support is available?

The discussion forum offers opportunities for conversation between students and with me. It's a great place to leave a question for me to answer. Each week has an experiment to apply the content to your daily life. Weekly readings and TED talks offer all you over-achievers a way to go deeper into the material and access the research supporting the strategies offered. Finally, if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to email me at [email protected]

Are there any live sessions?

YES! There’ll be live monthly hand-on practice sessions during integration weeks. I’m intentionally choosing this format over a more typical open Q&A “office hour” because open Q&A is one of the least impactful things you can do with an engaged group of learners on a live video call. Note: the time and date of these calls will vary month to month but will be posted at least a month in advance.

What happens during each group call?

Generally, you will receive support on whatever challenge or wish is most alive in the room. We'll begin with a brief check in and then pick, as a group, a common theme. Irene will then facilitate a discussion that draws out the collective wisdom in the group with the aim of helping one another overcome obstacles, grow ourselves as leaders, support our teams, and build our dreams.

How does Leadership Boot Camp relate to Synergy?

Synergy is a leadership mastermind for eight visionary change-makers to receive group support on their biggest challenge or wish. Every member of Synergy gets free access to Leadership Boot Camp, but Synergy goes far beyond what is covered in the online course. Leadership is sometimes lonely... but it doesn't have to be. If you've ever felt like you have to always be brave, positive, responsible and strong to hold up your organization, but there's nobody there to hold you up in return, apply to join Synergy.

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